Make money online selling your goods or services


My girlfriend’s roommate, Christine, has started an Etsy store to market her handmade goods. This started to get me thinking about how easy it is to make money off of small goods online, specifically specialty services and goods.  As a sidenote, Christine makes some pretty great things, so please check out her Facebook Page and her Etsy page.

If you are talented at crafts, you should absolutely post your work on Etsy.  There is a very large creative gathering around Etsy, and you are able to gain notoriety and convert that into sales.  Etsy is even more powerful when you combine it with social media in the form of a blog, your Facebook or Twitter pages.

Fiverr is another place, which focuses more on specialties than goods.  It’s interesting to me the services that are offered at Fiverr, but people are apparently buying video footage of someone juggling a soccer ball with your company logo on it.  But hey, the internet provides all kinds of opportunities.

iStockphoto is a place where you can sell your photographs.  It’s pretty cool, because people need stock photos for all kinds of items.  I use stock photos as the photographs that accompany these posts, as I am often too busy to take my own pictures.

Finally, eBay is another place where you are able to sell goods or services.  eBay is the household name out of the places that I’m mentioning here, and has a much larger customer base.  I have had some great success selling items on eBay, and there have even been articles about people setting up their own home business using eBay exclusively.

Are there any other places you use to sell your creative goods or services?