Do we really ever “grow up?”

Today was one of the best days that I’ve had in a while, and it wasn’t so because of anything that happened before about 3:30 pm.  Come to think about it, I was having a pretty frustrating day until 3:30 pm.  But the major change in that was getting a text from one of my dear friends asking to go to The Hangar in Amherst, MA for all you can eat wings.

The Hangar has all you can eat wings on Monday and Tuesday nights from 4-6pm.  The all you can eat costs 6 bucks.  I picked up Shawn (my roommate) and Alex, and we headed to the Hangar.  We were delighted to find an almost empty establishment, and were able to get the first wings when they came out around 10 minutes after 4. 

We went to Target, and Alex bought his girlfriend Allison a lovely birthday card (although Shawn and I were saying that it means more when you hand-make the birthday cards for your significant other).  We also went to Staples so Shawn could buy his back to school goods.

When we went back to my apartment, we sat around with my other roommate Ted.  We watched every Youtube video that had gone viral over the last 3 years.  And then I realized that sometimes we as people revert back to a time when we first met people when we are hanging out with them.  I had some of my best years in college, and met so many great people (A lot of my favorites are listed in this post!).  Maybe it’s important to keep in mind that it’s okay to let ourselves have our spontaneous days every now and then.