Auvik is garbage for IT and should be avoided

I want to tell you of my experience and review with Auvik (aka Auvik Networks). How did I hear about Auvik? A Reddit advertisement, which promised a free Unifi Access point for activating an Auvik trial. A few examples of the advertisements posted on Reddit are below.

I clicked through one of the advertisements and set up an account with Auvik. Great! A few days later, I downloaded and set up Auvik connector. The installer isn’t the most verbose and it will reset any VPNs without letting you know. Strike 1.

I then ran the trial for a few days. The Auvik collector seems useless, and the amount of alerts on by default would be maddening for any use case other than a small office with 3 or fewer users. For most managed service providers, this would not be a good investment.

Also, Auvik seems to be going down hill, at least per the sentiment that of the venture capital involvement of Great Hill Partners. Strike 2!

It had been a while, and I was curious where my access point was, and whether it had shipped. I reached to Auvik, and there seems to be no organization whatsoever. My questions went unanswered, and got passed off to someone else as their responsibility. I submitted multiple tickets and the turnaround was incredibly slow. If this is how Auvik is acting in a trial, before they get your money, do you think you will hear from them if you have an actual issue?

Eventually, they stated that I had not signed up from the correct link?, so I am not eligible for the Unifi Access Point. It doesn’t look like the first time they promised to send out access points, but then never sent them/invalidated people for no reason.

TL;DR- If you are a managed service provider (MSP) looking for a review of Auvik, stay away. Most of what you need is already in the controllers of most modern equipment, so there’s no value added. They refuse to honor their own giveaways, and have slow-to-respond support.